Is your relationship causing you to have sleepless nights?

Sleepless NightsDo you understand how dynamics in relationships work? Are you going from one difficult relationship into another without really knowing why? Wouldn’t your strategy and behaviour be vastly different, if you understood how your behaviour impacts on your relationships?

Do you lie down at night, exhausted after a busy day, and as soon as your head touches the pillow thoughts about your relationship come rushing in? Do you wonder constantly whether to stay or whether to leave? Do you question who is to blame? Is your head full of racing thoughts wondering how you can fix it? Is the last fight playing over and over in your mind? Are you growing apart?

Seeing a clinical psychologist for therapy is one of the ways that you can shift and change painful and difficult patterns of relating with those around you.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to learn about you, your life, your relationships, and the world in which you live. Then you can use this insight, awareness and strategies to live a more meaningful life, within stress-free relationships!

It is common to feel uncertain and slightly anxious about coming to see a psychologist, a stranger, especially if it is your first time in therapy. However, many people find that they feel quite relaxed by the end of the first session.

You might feel:

  • That there is a stigma going to see a therapist/counsellor or that people will think you are crazy or weak

    Just because you have some struggles that you would like to get support for, does not mean you are weak or crazy. Quite the opposite is true. Everyone has days when they need some help with whatever is going on in their life. Difficulties often arise when people keep these problems and feelings bottled up inside and then feel physically and emotionally ill from it. There is no need to take on life alone, seeking help does not make you weak, it makes you stronger as a person for finding ways to make your life more fulfilling for you.

  • That there is nothing wrong with you or that you should be able to handle things by yourself.

    Our lives today are busier and more demanding than ever before. At times, everyone experiences various forms of distress. That doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, it just means you are human. We all need help and support in our lives at different times.