Information for General Practitioners

Information for General PractitionersDo you ever have that niggling feeling, once a patient is ready to leave, that you should have done something else for them? Do you sometimes worry about a patient after you have left work for the day? Wouldn’t you be able to leave work behind, if you knew that someone else was looking after your patients’ emotional needs? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable having another professional, treating the same patient, to bounce ideas off and to express concerns to?

Referring to a qualified, relationship focussed, clinical psychologist can help you manage patients who:

  • Have non-medically related symptoms of sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, weight fluctuations, tearfulness or lethargy
  • You have just give an unwelcome diagnosis to
  • You know are going through enormous life changes – death of a loved one, moving house, immigration issues, separation and divorce, health issues, relationship difficulties or parenting problems
  • You have referred to a counsellor and they just don’t seem to be improving
  • Keep coming back to see you, and you have done all the medical investigations and found nothing to be wrong
  • Are difficult and high maintenance.

Here’s your opportunity to work with a like-minded professional and to treat our patients holistically. If you would like to meet me, to build a professional, collegial relationship and to work together for the interests of our shared patients, please contact Jenny on:9349 2955. I look forward to meeting you and working with you!