Information for Religious Leaders/Marriage Celebrants

Information for Religious Leaders and Marriage CelebrantsDo you feel that the wedding plans are getting out of hand and too much time is spent planning for the wedding, rather than the marriage? What do you do when you have a meeting with the soon-to-be married couple, and they get involved in a scathing, name-calling exchange? Once the wedding is over, are you filled with an uneasiness that maybe this marriage will not last? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that future problematic issues are being dealt with, and that this couple are finding ways to communicate and manage life’s challenges together?

Referring to a qualified, relationship focussed, clinical psychologist for pre-marital counselling can help you focus on the marriage ceremony, and give you piece of mind to know that larger, future issues are being taken care of.

Currently, a little over half of all first marriages end in divorce. Couples who have pre-marital counselling are often better off than those who have had no preparation for marriage at all. It is my personal belief that divorce should be made easier, whilst marriage should be made harder. I believe that it should be a requirement for all couples intending to marry to have pre-marital counselling.

Some of the issues that will be covered and addressed in pre-marital counselling with me, will include:

  • Managing finances
  • Disciplining and raising children
  • Working through issues of extended families
  • Finding common interests and spending time together
  • Prioritising family time to talk and have fun
  • Making time for romance, affection, fun, and lovemaking
  • Understanding different roles, responsibilities and overall contributions
  • Understanding and respecting gender, cultural, value, racial ,and religious differences
  • Handling conflict and differences of opinions
  • Sharing of thoughts, feelings, dreams, and goals
  • Compromising
  • Understanding each other’s trigger points
  • Communicating in a way that their partner can hear
  • Recognising differences in relationship expectations
  • Gaining insight into power struggles and dynamics
  • Balancing emotional, personal, spiritual, financial, social, familial, and health needs

If you would like to meet me, to build a professional, collegial relationship and to work together for the interests of our shared clients, please contact Jenny on:9349 2955. I look forward to meeting you and working with you!