Pre-marital Counselling

Information for Religious Leaders and Marriage Celebrants, Pre-marital counsellingDeciding to get married is a life-changing commitment, and one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Over time, differences in values, work ethics, children, in-laws, relationship expectations, discipline, spending habits, daily living arrangements, culture, friends, religion, different lifestyles, household chores, roles and responsibilities, beliefs, and intimacy have the capacity to cause conflict and tension. When a couple choose to share their lives together, differences need to be accounted for, communicating in a way that your partner can hear you, needs to be learned and compromises need to be made along the way.

Pre-marital counselling helps couples navigate through potentially difficult situations before destructive patterns of relating become entrenched. Pre-marital counselling helps you develop your ability to communicate with each other effectively, manage conflict, make decisions and to be assertive whilst taking your partner’s needs into account. These skills build a strong foundation for marriage and your future lives together.

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